At American Safe Air, we offer products to protect your personnel and facilities, as well as products to safeguard your home and family, from our SAMARI2005 Negative Pressure MailRoom to our Air Scrubber and the Negative Pressure MailCarts.

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Our SAMARI 2005 American Safe Air Negative Pressure MailRoom meets or exceeds the CDC and GSA recommendations for employee and facility protection from contaminants in the mail. Using our System, combined with our training program and proper supervision, employees and facility managers should be able to substantially lower their risk.

The ASA Air Scrubber

The ASA Air Scrubber is designed to turn most any room into a positive pressure safe room in seconds. Although its primary job is designed for protection against contaminants in the mail, it also provides a healthy environment as it removes 99.97% of particulates at .03 microns.

Negative Pressure Mail Cart

Our Negative Pressure Mail Cart will allow for safer transporting of mail through the facility. The cart incorporates the same idea as the Negative Pressure MailRoom by utilizing a filtration system to generate a negative pressure within the cart. These carts could also be utilized by laboratories or any other entity that handles hazardous materials.